Start Planning Early: When To Hire Movers

Moving house is not typically something that happens at the last minute. You, quite obviously, have advance notice of the fact that you're going to move, allowing you to determine the best possible schedule for accomplishing the task. But what is the best possible schedule when it comes to hiring movers?

Holiday Clashes

Look at your potential moving dates. Do they clash with any holidays? If possible, you want to avoid any prospective date that may be an appealing moving date for others. Remember that peak moving season is between Memorial Day and Labor Day. It's not as though you must avoid moving during the summer months, but you certainly need to book ahead to ensure you get your first pick of moving companies.

Daytime on a Weekday

Avoiding holidays as a moving day is also smart from a logistical point of view. You don't want you or your moving truck to get stuck in a traffic jam when everyone is leaving town for a long weekend. If you're able to arrange time off work and from other commitments, it's best to move on a weekday during work/school hours. 

Written Estimates

When considering moving dates in the future, it can seem like they're safely far off in the future. Moving day will arrive quicker than you think, so it's important not to procrastinate. You need to allow enough time for a few prospective moving companies to provide you with a written estimate for the job. This involves them visiting your home, and since the process (visit, assess, issue estimate) must be repeated several times, you must allow enough time for this to take place. Any prospective moving company must be licensed and insured, and if you're unsure, ask them.

Getting Ready

Knowing that you've taken the time to find and hire the best mover for the job is reassuring. All you have to do now is get your house ready for moving, allowing your movers to be as efficient as they can be. This means decluttering your home, packing your possessions into boxes, and making sure that access is clear for your movers—both outside (space to park and load the truck) and inside (keeping walkways clear of clutter, and even clear of children and pets).

The first step of a successful move is hiring movers, and to get the best possible company to serve your moving needs, you need to start planning early. For more information, contact a moving company near you.