3 Questions To Ask Before Renting A Storage Unit

Renting out a personal storage unit seems quite simple at first. All you have to do is make a payment to your provider and move in your items. But that's not all when it comes to storage units. You'll need to do your homework before settling on a personal storage unit. 

This way, you can rest assured that you made the right decision by picking the unit. The idea here is to choose a unit that offers you what you need. You'll be much confident that your things are in safe hands. Consequently, there are three essential questions you'll have to ask your provider to be sure. Take a look at them below. 

1. How Are You Assured of Security? 

Most of the reliable storage units have solid security measures to ensure the safety of items stored. After all, the main reason why you would be confident having your stuff out of your sight is if you knew they would be safe. 

It's unlikely that you would want to pay to store things that aren't worth anything to you. And that's why security is crucial in the storage unit you choose. 

You'll find that your personal storage provider has installed 24-hour surveillance cameras around the premises. Quite often, there'll be a guard on duty, just as an added precaution. Other times, you'll find that your provider only allows customers in and limits access by unauthorized persons. 

2. What Shouldn't You Put in Storage? 

When it comes to storage units, some items aren't allowed in storage. For instance, foods and other perishables are generally restricted. 

Other things are disallowed for safety and legal requirements. Additionally, hazardous materials that might be risky in storage are not allowed, including paint, gasoline, and ammunition. 

When it comes to gasoline tools, your storage provider will ask that you first make sure that they've got no fuel in the tank. Damp items are also discouraged because they may trigger harmful mold that could damage everything else. 

3. What Times Do You Have Access to the Storage Unit? 

Many people are on a 9-5 job schedule, which means that they may not always be available during certain times of the day. You'll need to keep in mind what happens if you've got to access your unit after work hours. 

In this case, it makes more sense to look for a personal storage space that is flexible enough to accommodate your schedule. Some of the most reputable providers allow 24-hour access times for their customers. This way, it's easier to drop in and pick what you need at your own convenience. 

Contact a local storage facility to learn more about the available storage units.