Things To Consider When You Choose And Hire Movers For Your Next Move

Most people dread having to pack up and move all their household possessions because it can bring with it a great deal of stress with planning and manpower and time to pack and move everything to your new place. When you hire a moving company, they take on a majority of the labor of packing and moving, easing your burden of the responsibilities with moving your household. When you are looking to hire a moving company, here are some recommendations to consider to improve the experience of moving.

Get the Right Insurance Protection

The moving company you choose should offer insurance that protects your household goods and valuables during the move. This insurance should provide protection for your items if they become lost, stolen, broken, or damaged in any way. There are usually two different types of coverage the moving company will provide: one is minimum coverage and the other is more thorough coverage.

A basic coverage that most moving companies will offer you as an automatic minimum is a released value or an alternative no-cost value. This type of coverage provides you coverage for no more than 60 cents for each pound of each item. Then, if an item is damaged or lost, the coverage pays you back based on the weight of the item. For example, if you have an antique curio cabinet worth several hundred dollars that weighs 100 pounds, and it becomes crushed in the move, the movers assume liability of 60 cents per pound, for a total cost of $60.

You can opt for a more comprehensive protection provided by the moving company that provides full replacement value for any items broken or lost. If a loss occurs during your move, the moving company will replace or repair the item to its original condition or pay you the cost to repair or replace the item.

Disclose to the Movers All Your Possessions

When a moving company comes to your home to quote you a price, they will calculate this cost based on the amount of items you will need to move. For this reason, it is important to show the moving company representative all the possessions you will be moving so they can give you a proper estimate. If you do not show them all items you need to move, then on moving day, they will be required to change their price quote and may need to charge you more for the move.

Be sure you also show them all outside items, such as yard tools and equipment in a storage shed or garage, grilling equipment, play sets, and outdoor pet items. Include in the inspection all boxes and food storage you may have kept in storage closets, basement, the attic, and crawlspace.

Make Sure They Complete and Give You a Packing List

Most moving company automatically keep a record of all your items they are moving, which helps complete the insurance protection you sign up for with the services. But, with or without the additional protection coverage, always make sure your moving company records a description of the contents of each box and of each single unboxed items, such as furniture they move onto their truck. Each box and item should be numbered with moving stickers or a similar method and listed on the moving company's bill of lading and moving inventory sheet.

Obtain your own copy of the bill of lading and moving inventory sheet, and carry it with you during your move. At your new location, you can check off items from the moving inventory sheet as the movers bring them into your new place. This helps you determine if any items are lost during the moving process.

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